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What is the TRAD Alliance?

The TRAD Alliance is a research organisation formed between two medical Universities who wanted to understand more about the management and effects of blood clots also know as VTE. It has been developed in partnership with Lifeblood: the Thrombosis Charity, one of Europe’s leading patient thrombosis groups.

Much of the current research is done in fit young people, yet the majority of people affected by blood clots such as DVT and PE are older. We have set up a research group to look at how best to treat these patient groups.

Who should consider signing up?

We are looking to involve patients, carers and any member of the general public who has an interest in VTE, particularly in patients with advanced cancer and non cancer illnesses. It is important to us that our work reflects the needs of the patients we strive to serve and so we need “user involvement” to ensure the work we do is appropriate.

What does becoming a member of the TRAD Alliance entail?

It involves as much or as little as commitment that you are willing to give. We are looking for people who would be willing to participate some of our projects which may include:

Are there any benefits from becoming a member of the TRAD Alliance?

You or your loved ones are unlikely to benefit directly from being a member of the TRAD Alliance. However, your involvement may play a part in developing treatments and care options that will benefit future patients.

You will also receive a newsletter to update you on the work of the TRAD Alliance and access to a patient/ carer forum where you can discuss topics you feel are important.

We shall also give you access to information leaflets about VTE should you require more information.

From time to time we may email you for your opinion on a new research project we are planning or even to be involved in the setting up of a study with the researchers.

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Mail: TRADAlliance@cardiff.ac.uk