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Who should consider signing up?

We are looking for healthcare professionals from the hospice, hospital and community who look after patients with advanced malignant and non malignant disease.

What does becoming a member of the TRAD Alliance entail?

It involves as much or as little as commitment that you are willing to give. We are looking for people who would be willing to participate in our research programme which may include:


I am not from a research background. Does that matter?

Not in the slightest. We are looking for health professionals who can bring their day to day clinical experiences to the group in order to ensure the work we do is relevant to patient care and reflects the research needs of the patient population.

One of the challenges of undertaking research in many palliative care units involves the issues regarding indemnity, research training and governance issues. The TRAD Alliance is a joint venture between two academic institutions with experience in conducting research in this patient population and would be involved in the necessary support to involve you in projects.

Are there any benefits from becoming a member of the TRAD Alliance?

We would like to think so!

First of all your involvement will help further the research into what we believe is an important area of patient care. The TRAD Alliance has been set up in partnership with Lifeblood the Thrombosis Charity to ensure our goals reflect the patient agenda.

If you have limited experience in research, this may also prove a useful introduction to the process especially if we are able to offer you some support when we set up a study you may wish to be involved in.

By being involved, you will be able to access our professionals’ resource section which will include relevant articles on thrombosis and palliative care, guidelines, talks and information sheets.

We will also aim to keep you informed on all that is happening with the TRAD Alliance through a monthly newsletter and annual study day which will be at a significantly reduced cost to TRAD Alliance members.



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Mail: TRADAlliance@cardiff.ac.uk